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Mi Havana

Cuban Rollers

Mi Havana Cigars


EVENTS - Mi Havana Cigars offers the best CIGAR ROLLERS for private events in the LA area.  Raul Reyner has been rolling cigar for over 15 years and is currently the Guinness World Record holder for the Worlds Longest Cigar. 


FACTORY -Mi Havana Cigars is Los Angeles County & Orange County’s #1 cigar manufacture.  We specialize in creating premium blends for consumers and wholesales.

CIGAR LOUNGE-We bring you our craftsmanship from Cuba, to our one-of-a-kind cigar lounge in the Art Driven nightlife atmosphere right in the heart of Downtown Pomona. Mi Havana Cigar Factory creates a unique experience which combines the Cuban cultured cigar craftsmanship, and vintage-style, gentlemen’s lounge.

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