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    The Naranjo and Caminero families have passed down the knowledge of cigar making and its prestigious rolling techniques. As a Cuban Culture driven cigar factory, we have the love and passion required to keep the 3 generations of cigar rolling amongst our families…going.  Mi Havana is So- Cal’s most trusted Cigar Events company for major corporations, non-profit organizations, luxury event planners, and wedding coordinators. We bring the art of cigar rolling and a unique bonding experience for your guests to enjoy!

   What kind of events do we do? We do them all! From weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, golf tournaments, birthday parties, bachelor parties and all festivities where cigars are desired!

   MI HAVANA will go to your location and provide an authentic Cuban Cigar Rolling experience for your events! Our rollers all have 15 + years of experience in the craft; using only Cuban Cigar Rolling techniques the way our ancestors did in Cuba… 3 generations ago. MI HAVANA will give your event the touch you were looking for! Whether it’s “something exquisite” “a touch of class” or “something different” our experience in cigar making and the entertainment industry, we guarantee all your guests will love our Cuban Cigar Rolling experience! Cigar connoisseurs will be raving for more hand rolled cigars!

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