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Cigar Roller for Private Events


50 Cigar Minimum + Cigar Roller +  2 Hours of Service

This package includes 50 cigars, Cigar Roller  and up to 2 hours of service.  

Mi Havana Cigars offers the best CIGAR ROLLERS for private events in the LA area.  All of our cigar rollers are ACTIVE professional who are currently rolling cigars at our factory in Pomona California. 


During events our rollers are rolling complicated cigars from scratch and custom novelty cigars that only we make.  Our representatives are professional, kind and knowledgeable  in the cigar industry. 


Owner Raul Reyner has been rolling cigar for over 15 years and is currently the Guinness World Record holder for the Worlds Longest Cigar. Just recently received a 96 rating from Cigars and Spirits magazine on his premium blend  VII Kingdoms

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